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Whoops! by Black-Wren Whoops! by Black-Wren
This is my entry to :iconmedli20:'s contest.


Here her character Raven, in an effort to do some peeking without anyone realizing, has cast a borrowed spell to turn himself into a five-year-old. No woman complains about little boys in the girl's bath and often pick them up giving the child prime view down her shirt. Unfortunately, as Raven was casting his spell he was spied and approached by my character, Former Pharaoh Khendjer. Since the spell was an area effect spell, it caught Khendjer and transformed him as well. Khendjer's staff is magic and adjusted to his new size, unfortunately for both him and Raven, their clothes were unaffected.

The pictographs above them shows what happens after the spell is cast. For those having trouble seeing them:
1) Raven flees and Khendjer shoves his crown off his face, furious.
2) Khendjer races after Raven after activating the scythe feature on his staff.
3) Raven narrowly dodges being sliced in half.
4) Raven summons his ravens to attack Khendjer.
5) Khendjer turns them into roast chickens with his fire magic.
6) Raven finally remembers he can fly and takes off.
7) Raven starts mocking Khendjer, believing his opponent is trapped on the ground.
8) Khendjer reveals his own wings.
9) Khendjer takes flight as Raven flees.
10) Khendjer prepares to make Raven into a roast chicken as Raven continues to flee.
medli20 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahaha this is all sorts of awesome! I absolutely adore Raven's facial expression as well as the pictographs up at the top; they both add so much to the picture! :XD: 

Thank you so much for entering my contest; I love this! <3
Black-Wren Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
Thank you!  This gave me a wonderful excuse to draw Khendjer as a kid and I'm really happy with how they both came considering children are my weaker subject.
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